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Facebook’s Zuckerberg Becomes Sixth Richest Person on the Planet

Mark Zuckerberg

Over recent years, the social networking site Facebook has become the most popular worldwide with people from all over the planet logging on to it on a daily basis. This is good news for the founder of the social network, Mark Zuckerberg, as he has now been named the sixth richest person on the planet, even managing to overtake the fortunes of billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch.

Trading on Thursday 28th January saw the fortunes of the young tycoon rocket by $6 billion on the back of figures that were released relating to revenues. Facebook revealed that it had enjoyed another quarter of record revenues for the final quarter of 2015. After trading, Mark’s net worth shot up to $47.5 billion while the Koch brothers’ stood at $45.9 billion.

1.59 billion users log on each month

The figures from Facebook also revealed that there are now 1.59 billion users logging onto the social network each month, cementing the company’s standing as the biggest social network on the globe. The figures along with the boost in net worth will have delighted Zuckerberg, who recently became a Dad to a baby daughter, Maxima, by his wife Priscilla Chan.

Of course, as the sixth richest person in the world Mark still have five other billionaires to contend with and those currently above him when it comes to net worth include:

  • Bill Gates, who has a net worth of $78 billion
  • Amancio Ortega, with a net worth of $69.7 billion
  • Warren Buffett, who is worth $59.4 billion
  • Jeff Bezos, who has a net worth of $55.8 billion
  • Carlos Slim, with a net worth of $47.5 billion

According to figures, the five entrepreneurs that still stand above Zuckerberg in the net work rankings have already lost a $19 billion between them so far this year, partly the result of a slump in global equities. Last year Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, was the best performing billionaire but has suffered a turnaround in luck following the revelation that Amazon’s earnings for the final quarter of last year did not reach targets.

In total, the net worth of the billionaires comes to an impressive $3.7 trillion. However, figures show that this actually reflects a drop in their net worth compared to May last year, when the figure stood at $4.3 trillion.

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