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About the Wolff

The Wolff only talks about himself in 3rd person because he is a living legend. He is an expert in the finance field and has conquered everything from real estate investing to hedge funds. He nets 7 figures per year and refers to anyone who doesn’t as a peasant.

The Wolff is an independent investor who works for no one and laughs at all the suckers working 9-5’s. He has been offered numerous positions at “large” investing firms but the Wolff is smarter than that.

Ladies love The Wolff it’s a proven fact. His harem of perfect 10 models give into his every whim – it may only be because of the money but The Wolff doesn’t care.

Consider yourself lucky to be on this website and even luckier if your under developed mind can absorb some of the golden nuggets The Wolf is going to drop.

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