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2014’s Biggest Hacking Incidents

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Internet promises and guarantees to provide freedom, flexibility and liberty to everyone. Yet, the dangers of cybercrime and hacking assaults loom over the shoulders of web clients on a regular basis. There are immovable forces that work day in day out 24/7 to knockdown client’s online protection and security for varying reasons. Whatever the reasons may be, there is no substantial defense or justification for these criminal acts. According to a report published by RBS (Risk Based Security), 2014 has seen a record number of cases where sensitive information and details of clients and customers were compromised. First half of 2014 surpassing the number of hacking cases recorded in the whole of 2013.

Some of the biggest stocks market performers and businesses were hit by hackers.

Let’s see big shot companies faced the brunt.

In May of this year, the world witnessed the fourth largest security breach of all time when e-commerce company, eBay revealed that confidential data belonging to its 145 million customers had been breached and compromised. eBay was unaware of the security breach until it found out that some employee credentials had been leaked. A deeper study into the breach led to the knowledge of the extent of the breach and damage caused by the hackers although eBay stressed upon the fact that its passwords were not stolen.

Target also targeted banks one of which was JPMorgan Chase. Hackers stole contact and personal information of 76 million households and 7 million small businesses. JPMorgan learnt about this breach when its website for JPMorgan cooperate challenge was hacked using the very same servers, which hacked into the network of the bank. However, JPMorgan was able to take action before hackers were able to break into the password set-up or hack the social security numbers of the clients.

In mid-August, more than 1000 grocery stores in the U.S had their information hacked. These cases raised fresh concerns about the actions that are being taken by companies and law-enforcement agencies to curb the threat of cybercrime that grows in strength and velocity with each passing day. Retailers such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot became prime targets.

More recently, Apple became yet another target. Its infamous iCloud hacking raised serious concerns about the type of security the company provided to its users. Hackers were able to break into Apple iCloud and steal many of the private pictures of celebrities that were released all over the internet.

In August, a group of Russian hackers made the largest security breaches of all times when more than 5 million e-mail addresses and 1.2 billion usernames and passwords were compromised.

The most troubling is the fact that none of these companies were able to come up with any satisfactory steps to deal with these hacks. It seems that the world of internet is at the mercy of hackers who can get into any network or system whenever they want. Businesses all over the world are now vulnerable and can’t guarantee 100% security to their customers. With an increase in online transactions and exchange of confidential data between consumers and vendors, the situation needs to be addressed effectively.


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